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Morning Mindset with Paul G. Markel

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Jan 19, 2018

Education can be physical or intellectual, Information can be intellectual and illustrative, Experiences can be both Good and Bad, and we learn from both. This podcast is a Think On! Production.

Episode Transcription


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Welcome to Morning Mindset. A daily dose of practical wit and wisdom with a professional educator & trainer, Amazon best selling author, United States Marine, Television and Radio host, Paul G. Markel. Each episode will focus on positive and productive ways to strengthen your mindset, and help you improve your relationships, career goals, and overall well-being. Please welcome your host; Paul G. Markel.

*Professor Paul*

Hello and welcome back to Morning Mindset, thanks for giving me this opportunity to speak with you this morning, or this afternoon or this evening. Whenever you happen to be listening to this. I probably should have addressed this at the beginning, you don’t have to listen to Morning Mindset in the Morning. I know, you’re an American, you’re a free man or free woman. You can listen to this show any time you would like to. There ya go, I am your host Paul Markel and let’s dive into it.


Today we’re gonna talk about Education, Information and Experience. Hmm, and you say “Well Paul, aren’t all those things kind of the same?” Well they are, in a way. What it comes to Mindset, we talked about this in the very beginning of this podcast, we talked about our goals and Mindset and how we’re going to use our mindset in a positive and productive way. Whether it’s in our family relationship, our business relationship, or personal endeavors.


So step #1 is we have to establish the mindset, why is it that we’re going to do what we do? Then we should seek out Education, Information and Experience. Now Education can be both physical and intellectual, if you go back to you know, junior high or elementary school time. Do you remember when you entered high school as a freshman and you had to go to P.E.? What is P.E.? P.E. stands for Physical Education, right? Obviously education, a lot of people when you hear the word education you think of intellectual endeavors. There are books, and teachers, and tests and so forth and that’s part of your education.


But physical education can be just as productive and just as intellectual education. Now information, when you talk about, well you’re like “What do you mean ‘seeking out information’?” Obviously if I’m going to be educated, I’m going to be looking for information. Information is generally intellectual and illustrative. For instance, you purchase DVDs online and you watch the DVDs so that you can get some information, you listen to a podcast so you can get some information, and it may be part of your educational process.


The reason I felt it was so important to bring this up, you’re like “Well Paul, we’ve all gone to elementary school, we all went to junior high and high school and here we are. I’m driving around listening to you, I’m sitting, drinking my coffee listening to you and I understand that.” Well unfortunately a lot of folks, when they leave their primary education, whether they went just through high school, or whether they went to college and got a bachelor’s degree, or an associate’s degree or whatever, they stop thinking about education.


The truth of the matter is, you should be a Student for Life, you should continuously be seeking out Education, Information and Experience, regardless of how old you are. I don’t care if you’re 40, 50, 60 or what have you, if you’re still sucking in oxygen and staying here on the planet Earth, you owe it to yourself to constantly seek out new, educational experiences, and that really should be your goal. When you sit down, when you have the time, for instance like right now, when you’re drinking your coffee or driving to work or what have you, think about it.


Ask yourself, when is the last time that you sought out new information? Now many of us, we get very involved in our lives and our careers and our families and so forth, and we just keep using the same education, the same information, the same things that we have for years and years and years. We don’t seek out new information. Now anyone who’s a professional, if you are a professional such as a physician or a nurse or a firefighter, or maybe you’re an attorney or what have you, people who are in traditional professions are constantly seeking out education, well because many of them have to.


Many occupations now have requirements, for education. They have requirements for their staff to continuously up their training and so forth. Think about it like this, if you had to go have heart surgery tomorrow, who would you want operating on you, who would you want to be the person cutting you open? The guy who’s last training and education was in 1978 when he became a doctor, or the guy who went to an open-heart surgery seminar last month, or three months ago or what have you, who continually upgrades his education?


You’d probably want the guy with the most recent education, right? Well because what do we know? We don’t conduct heart surgery in the United States of America today like we did in 1978 or ‘82 or ‘91. There have been advances, and unfortunately many people will learn what they learned, wherever it was. Junior high, high school, or even college. They learn that, then they stop. They stop learning and they figure, that’s good enough.


Now I said Education, Information and I said Experience, and I really haven’t really talked about Experience yet. Experiences can be obviously both good and bad, but experience leads us to putting education into application. Oooh, I know, big words right? But I want you guys to go out there and I want you to seek new experiences. This is something that, unfortunately, you know as you grow older, and you get more and more adult responsibilities, often people won’t take the time to seek out new experiences, and I want you to do that in your life. I want you to take that Mindset that we’ve been cultivating here and I want you to continuously seek out new information.


When was the last time that you did something new, that you had never done before? When was the last time you sought out a new experience, and it could be something simple, as taking up a new hobby. Let’s say you always thought about golfing or playing tennis, or knitting or crocheting or I don’t know. Whatever it is you’re into. You may have thought about that, but when have you taken the step to actually learn something new, to gain new experience?


All these things help you to be a more well-rounded individual, a more well-rounded person. So my challenge to you today, is to take a moment and to think about that. Think about when is the last time you sought out new information? Not just reinforce the stuff you already know, but genuinely sought out new Education and new Experiences. Get out there, live your life, grab yourself a brand new Experience.


Thank you for taking the time to listen to me today. I truly appreciate it and I would love it if you would share this podcast with somebody else in your life. You know that there’s probably one person in your life who could probably benefit from this, and if you would leave us a review on iTunes, or wherever it is you happen to be listening to it, I would appreciate that as well. Ladies & Gentlemen, I will talk to you again, real soon.


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